Living in fear Of what could have been 

Of what have been 

Of what shall be 

We stand alone 

In a vulturous world 

Powers surpass our own 

We stand tall 

We project 

What other want to see 

We loose our selves 

Denying reality 

Born to a world 

Not our own 

We pay a price 

We project a smile 

We thrive 

On fake pretense 

As we aimlessly,



Where do we go from here

A poem by my brother “Nasser Al Breiky”

I’m my own design
I’m my own shrine
I shall not take a step or two
Till my thought has pierced through
I shall carry my own weight
In fortification against hate
I’m my own judgment my jury
In this realm of honour and duty
Follow that path I will
Destined I will
Remember me not
For missing the dot
Keep me at heart
For being a friend a compatriot
A son a brother a husband and a father
Miss me not
For mystifying the plot
Weep for me
After that cold winter hot summer dead automn
I shall be present
When we cross path in a distant memory
When I call upon you in a mellow dream
I rest my case…

A healer’s touch

Nisi in a nutshell
Nisi in a nutshell

Feeling too much
Yearning to give
I hear them calling
And I never hesitate

Spreading my arms
I embrace.
Always one to share

Absorbing their weakness
Igniting their passion
Allowing them to heal
Then set them free

And I remain
I simply remain
A moment of silence
As I recuperate


I feel alone
My thoughts
My enemy.
Not attained.
A kind word
To myself.
My full potential 
In the back seat.
But not living.
I step aside
Always giving.
Am I capable?
Yes I am.
Am I flawless?
You’re damn right I am.
What’s holding you back?